Shlomit’s Cipher - Home Escape Game for Sukkot
  • Shlomit’s Cipher - Home Escape Game for Sukkot

    “Shlomit’s Cipher” - A Festive Home Escape Game for the whole family


    Jewish Holiday - Sukkot - Rosh Hashana - Escape room - DIY - Home Printable Escape Game
    לגרסת המשחק בשפה העברית ליחצו כאן


    After lots of families in Israel enjoyed our variety of escape games, we decided to translate them into English, so that more families all over the world can enjoy smart and fun games during the Jewish holidays!

    Shlomit’s Cipher is our first English escape-game.


    Shlomit’s Cipher is an original and fun riddle game, escape room style. The game includes a surprising plot story, fun and challenging puzzles, clues, and solutions.

    The game lasts about 60 minutes.

    Difficulty level: Medium-difficult, suitable for the whole family. Children aged 10 and over can play alone.

    You can play anywhere you want - at home, in the sukkah, in the yard ...


    A bonus: The game comes with an activity and coloring booklet in the holiday spirit to keep the younger kids busy.


    Plot story:

    Just before Grandma Shlomit flew to the Escape Rooms Marathon in Abu Dhabi... She left the family a case with wonderful family treasure, with clues hiding in a special Sukkah for the holiday.

    Are you ready to start an exciting adventure in Grandma Shlomit's Sukkah and discover the family treasure?


    What does the game include?

    The game includes a plot story, designed puzzles, detailed and clear operating instructions, clues, and a list of solutions. Also, an atmosphere playlist in Hebrew for your enjoyment.

    Please note, "Shlomit's Code" is not a physical game and there is no need to wait for the courier. The game comes in a digital file print-and-play (PDF) directly to your email.

    Also, the game comes with a bonus: an activity and coloring booklet designed for younger children. The booklet includes 9 coloring pages and fun activities for children.


    How to prepare the game? What accessories do you need?

    First option - with a mobile phone:

    Just print the attachment (recommended in color but also possible in black and white), provide the participants with draft pages, stationery, scissors, and a mobile phone. That's all, you are now ready to play and have fun! :-)

    If you choose this option - the game operator can also play!


    The second option - with a box and a 3-digit code lock and with personal greetings for the holiday:

    You also have the option to play without a mobile phone but with the addition of a box and a 3-digit code lock.

    To play this option, you must print the game and follow the simple instructions that come with the game.

    Please note, if you have chosen this option - the game operator can not play the game due to the preparation required in advance.


    Who is the game for?

    The game is fun and suitable for any curious family!

    The level of puzzles is medium-difficult so it will challenge both adults and teenagers.

    Children aged 10 and over will be able to play the game alone, younger children will be able to enjoy the game very much accompanied by an adult as well as the attached activity and coloring.

    The game lasts about 60 minutes.



    FAQ please click here


    For the Hebrew game please click here



    What do our customers say about our games?

    Wow !!! We really enjoyed it !!! Pure pleasure. Nati Barel

    The girls were entertained, it was really fun. Dikla Zer

    The kids enjoyed every moment and cooperated amazingly. Lital Levi

    The puzzles are not easy, fun !!! Shani Cohen


    Terms of Use:

    This is not a physical product but a digital file for printing only.

    The file is for private home use only and may not be used for any commercial or other purposes.

    You may not duplicate, copy, edit, or pass on this file.

    The file can be printed several times by only one user (That is the customer).

    Because this is a digital product that is automatically sent by email immediately upon ordering, it is not possible to regret or receive a refund after purchase.


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